Almost Nothing

by Places To Hide

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released June 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Places To Hide Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Self Preservation
Oh how I ache for the old days
Don’t let me fall asleep
Sinking back into my old ways
Fucked up six days a week
Yeah I called but I hung up
Another day another time
Go ahead good luck
I’ll be better when I die

I sleep like I’ve lived to long
Fucked up six days a week
Get to kiss you in my best poems
I write like I can’t speak
Go get lost with someone else now
I hear she’s got great eyes
Fuck it all good luck
I’ll be damned if I can’t die
Track Name: Love Song
This summer is so hot
And I just want to have sex with you
We’ll never pay these student loans off
I just want to spend my money on you
What I need now is some sleep
And a picture of my family
And the skin on your back
To run my fingers over a thousand times
God I finally have something
And I don’t know what to do with it
And on the bedroom floor
We tried out best
I wasn’t good enough
So why’d you have to leave me too
I was just getting used to you

I promise next semester
You’ll feel so much better
Maybe I won’t fuck things up this time

But you and I are both so broken
Because life’s harder than we’d like it to be
I know we’ve been having good days
But mostly I just want to
Die in my sleep
Track Name: October
I was hardly through with teething
when i met you on the kitchen tile, and you looked so young.
Well the room was shaking from the sounds we made,
and my arms they were filled with the dirt that they call young blood.

But on your screened-in porch, I would listen to the rain
while the fan it took your hair and swept it all across your face.
And the tv, it was screaming,
and I had waited all this time.

In my blue jeans, I saw your knees,
My face turned a bright, bright red,
and I swallowed my tongue.
Oh the hours you held me,
on the floor where I would weep.
My face was filled with the dirt that they call young love.

On the hotel roof, we watched the blue turn orange-gray.
And I could taste the morning light as it spread all across my face.
And in the evening, I was screaming,
because I had waited all this time.
Track Name: Get Me Clean
It’s okay If you’re living alone
It’s okay If you’re all on your own
It’s okay If you’re living by yourself

Get me clean because I’m losing myself
Get me clean I think I need help
Get me clean because I can’t do this alone
I don’t care If you get tired of me
I don’t care leave me alone let me be
I don’t care we’ll probably hate each other’s guts next week

It’s okay If you still want to die
It’s okay I feel the same all the time
It’s okay If you don’t want to be alive

I’ll be fine just starring out the window
I’ll be fine it’s really getting me down though
I’ll be just fine but god I really hate myself sometimes

Just come home we can be like we used to
Come home I miss the old you
Come home and we can have the saddest sex
Track Name: Michael Jordan
Today I stole some shit from the grocery store
Then threw up in the trash can at work
School is out and we aint doing nothing
Hey what did you expect
I could be alone for hours
I could be with all my friends
Fuck, I just miss my mom
Wake me up when this year ends

I hate my boss I hate most cops
I’ve only got ten bucks until next friday
Let’s just drive until we lost
Let’s go to sleep and not wake up
But you and I could be so happy
If only you could get some rest
Sorry if I’m hard to live with
This is me at my best

I love basketball
Michael Jordan was so cool
And I love alcohol
Because it brought me closer to you
I am almost nothing now
I am almost nothing now
I am almost nothing now
Tomorrow night when the moon comes out
I’ll wonder what you’re thinking
Life is shit I’m used to it
I just hope you don’t plan on leaving
I am almost nothing now
I am almost nothing now
I am almost nothing now
I am almost nothing now
Track Name: Michael Amenta
I’m drunk again
It’s just barely noon
I’m too young for all this
But it keeps me from you
And I’ve got shit to do
So don’t bother me
I’ll get home
And these drugs I only take them
Because they help me fall asleep
I used to have no trouble
But you ruined that for me

So wrap your head in Hemingway
And tell me there’s a better way
This black cloud keeps
Holding me down

So fuck this city traffic
And fuck this summer heat
I don’t think I’m sick
I just think I need sleep
So get off the floor
Get on the couch
Maybe we
Could fool around

These things I only do them
Because they keep me on my feet
This used to be so easy
But you ruined that for me

So fill your head with Emerson
Convince me I’m okay again
This black cloud keeps
Bringing me down
Track Name: Ayscough St.
I’ve been so much better
But god knows that I’ve been worse
Wish I could live it backwards
Breathe it in reverse
You’re so dumb
And I hate it
So dumb
But I still love you
The same

All my friends are ghosts
That I only see on holidays
Once we were so close
I hardly see you nowadays
It’s dumb
And I hate it
So dumb
But I still love them
The same

Sometimes I guess it helps
To laugh at all the things I lost
And I tell myself I’m doing fine
Even when I know I’m not
I love you,
Those words
I have forgot
And I make believe that you’re coming home
Even when I know you’re not
I’m so dumb
And I hate it
So dumb
But I still love you
The same
Track Name: Drugs
You say you've thought of
Undressing for me
Since the first time
You looked at me differently.
That's just our bodies.
And we all have bodies.
I just want to watch a good film with you.
I don't want to talk about skin.
I want to talk about
The way our parents houses look
From the inside.
And I just want to watch how you age.
And the way your clothes change.

Undressing for you.
It sounds exhausting.
All i'm ever good for now is sleeping.
I don't want to talk about us.
I want to talk about Japan
And all the movies we'll watch
At our parents houses.
And I don't want to
Go out on dates.
I want to go out on drives
With you.
Track Name: Drugs pt. 2
Dead space
On the floor in my room
Even the internet seems boring
Now that I’ve got you
Lack of common sense
I just stay in bed
God’s hanging from the ceiling fan
Devil’s laying on the floor
When you tell me you’re ok
I don’t believe you anymore
Cold hands
Stashing pot inside a soda can
There’s you and then there’s me
High as shit in the living room watching the tv
You asked me if I was lonely
Well I don’t think I’m anything
So when I say it’s all ok
I hope you don’t believe me
Track Name: Ecotone
I wake up at two o’clock
The trash can smells like beer again
I look in the mirror
Feel like Nathaniel Fisher

I’ve got these photos of you
From three years ago in June
And back when we were young
I swear you looked just like the springtime
I’m dreaming about you again

I’m always out of money
I’m always out of touch
I’m cried myself to sleep again
I know that that’s not punk
I pass out at two a.m.
I lost my self respect again
I’m dreaming about you again

Some day I’ll convince my brain
To quit painting pictures of your face
I’m dreaming about you again

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