Wild N Soft

by Places To Hide



released July 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Places To Hide Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Wild N Soft
The night that you left
I felt so wild and soft
Fuzzy-eyed and sentimental
Stupid and self taught
Drive until the sun comes out
Keep hanging up the phone
Silhouettes on pavement
Sleep every night alone

The night that you left
I felt so wild and soft
Dumb struck and transcendental
Awake with all the lights on
Drink until the sun comes up
When did you get so sad and old
Awkward and insincere
But sort of meaningful
Track Name: Dogz
both of your moms
dying to ask me where i am now
and if it suits me well
but don’t you just want
to sink into cable dance shows now

home is so heavy anymore
and it wont stop
everyone’s stuck
and we all stay blind
but i die with you and the dogs in the backyard
Track Name: Nowhere Bound
lame boy getting stoned
stereo is my home
red brick houses, floral blouses
gray scale sky, thought we might die
i’m just screwing with time
compulsive tea leaf reading trials
we’ll nail it in the next life
talk less, never drive
wasted like you always were
gutter punk do you concur
updike shorts, basketball courts
jacket leather, thought we’d live forever
forever grazing this plain
baseball redemption in the rain
the protective eye of the pigs runs dry
work less, never die
ate my well being for lunch
slept through the last six months
maybe i’ll see you around
nowhere bound
Track Name: Cough Syrup
i was drinking cough syrup on the bus ride
just to stay the fuck asleep
i get sick to my stomach when you talk about love
it’s just chemicals to me
lets get high and watch the x-files
or fall asleep to speed trials
either / or
either / or
i thought the first record was great, man
but the later stuff just had no heart
at the grocery store you’re zoning out
putting cheap wine in your shopping cart
peace be with your teenage souls
bottle up and then explode
x’s and o’s
x’s and o’s